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Stallion FC of Barotac Nuevo Brief History by Architect Denrei Catalan

    The Stallion Football Club is a non-profit football organization based in the town of Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo. It was founded in 2001.

    Originally called Stallion Football Team formed by a bunch of friends namely Duane “Ghamz” Bingcang, Gerard Bito-onon, Arthuro “Bano” Besana, Denrei “Bonsoy” Anayan Catalan, Romeo “Aming” Demegillio, Wilfredo “Tiks” Estillo, Linno Yggpuara, Mark Rey Braza, Bernie Cifra, Eduardo “Jay-Ar” Paranpan Robles Jr., Zebredd Belecina, Edmund Besana & Agustin Neil “Totong” Doctora who are all football enthusiasts. More often than not, they meet at Dandan’s Place, Jan & Jin Store or at the bench of Barotac Nuevo Football ground for their regular drinking session. In one of their gatherings where each was holding a bottle of Red Horse Stallion beer, they were discussing of putting up a football team. Realizing that their town’s folklore hero is Tamasak, a pure white stallion known for its strength, Stallion is just the right name to bear.

   The group debut in 2001 Barotac Nuevo Football Club (BNFC) Seven-a-Side Football Tournament. In the following year, some members of the group namely Gerard Bito-onon, Mark Rey Braza, Aming Demigilio, Bano Besana, Ghamz Bingcang, Neboy Bingcang, Bonsoy Anayan, Abe Jun Bedia and Epoy Bito-onon participated in the Cocomangas Beach Football Tournament in Boracay. To give credit to their sponsor, Aqua Sport Shop Boracay, they carried Stallion Aqua Sports as their team name. In May 2003, the Club’s original members were joined by Mark Phillip Belicano, Emmanuel Salvador “Badong” Braganza, Andres Sazon, Boboy “Aswang” Duenas in the BNFC’s Seven-a-Side Football Tournament. During this tournament, the group was identified as the Stallion Bulalo Soldier.

   It was in 2006 that the Stallion Football Club that exists at present was properly formed. They participated in the Siniki Football Festival organized by BNFC and continued to join in various minor & major tournaments in Cebu, Boracay, Subic, Metro Manila and Capiz. Among the members who took part were Edney Matillano, Micheal Juarez, Eugene Beilicano, Tommy Escoltero, Erie John Caligdong, Micheal Castanos, Judy Bronda, Jessie Bronda, Epoy Bingcang, Zebredd Belicina, Bernie Cifra, Mark Rey Braza, Tommy Escoltero, Friday Bayona, Martin Doctora, Richard Bedia, Stephen Margarse, JR Robles, Duane Bingcang, Gerad Bito-onon, Aming Demigillio, Bano Besana, Bonsoy Anayan, Philip Belicano, and Badong Braganza.

  Initially, the team focused on making friends and on their usual end-of-the-game event: the Red Horse STALLION drinking session. The team eventually realized to contribute for the development of the football sports in Barotac Nuevo by raising awareness and identifying that football is for everyone.

  The initiative started in December 2008 as the group’s certified members - Engr. Antonio Bonifacio “Bon-Bon” Pinol and Bonsoy Anayan, with the cooperation of Jay-Ar Paranpan, Ghamz Bingcang, Gerad Bito-onon, Bano Besana, Aming Demegillio, Abe Jun Bedia, Badong Braganza, Caloy Zulla and Myra Braganza, organized the 1st Stallion Football Club Seven-a-Side Football Tournament. It was arranged to promote and to return the football fever in the Municipality of Barotac Nuevo. Some of the finest Barotacnon football players showcased their talents such as Cheiffy Caligdong, Mark Ferrer, Joven Bedic, Val Aniversario, Maj. Sammy Belomonte and Barotac Nuevo Former Chief of Poilice Joefil Bayona, to name a few.

In January 2009, the town of Barotac Nuevo have broken the world record for marathon soccer by playing for over 35 hours organized by Elmer Bedia, a former national player and Philippines’ Mr. Football. Stallion FC supported and played an essential role in preparing the official documentation and records of the game.

    During the 1st quarter of 2009, one of its members, Badong Branganza, formed the Stallion Kids to create football development programs for the grassroots level. Other members were also engaged on the said program particularly Eduardo “Jay-Ar” Paranpan Robles Jr, Bon-Bon Pinol and Mark Phillip Belicano.

    The Club’s 2nd Annual Football Tournament kicked off in December 2009 through the effort of Jay Paranpan together with the support of its members. Duane Bingcang and Aming Demigillo were then the appointed 1st Club President and Vice President respectively.

    To encourage a clean and honest Presidential election, the club initiated a one-day football event themed “Putboll para sa matinlo kag patas nga eleksyon.” in April 2010. It was supported by the Tamasak Football Club, Stallion Kids and Barotac Nuevo’s Brgy. Cruz. The event’s highlight was the match between the Stallion FC and the Caballeros FC. Among the Caballeros FC players are Nono Araneta. Joefil Bayona, Takoy Bronda, Sammy Causing, Jessie Sazon, Joe Diamante, Biboy Delariarte, Melvin Juarez, Sammy Causing and Ariel Bedic who are branded as football’s best in Barotac Nuevo.

    Stallion’s popularity gradually gained momentum when they won the Mayor’s Cup in June 2010. The team was then managed by Eduardo “Jay-Ar” Paranpan Robles Jr and trained by Antonio “Pyapong” Piao.

    In the same year also, they played in the United Football League (UFL) in Metro Manila as a guest team. Jay-Ar was still in charge of the manager’s job and Roberto “Papap” Bayona was then the newly appointed head coach. Finest players from Barotac Nuevo and Sta. Barbara were merged and managed to finish as the Group Leader. However, they ended short for the semifinals when the year’s league champion, Global Smartmatic, beat them in the quarterfinals.

    Engr. Antonio Bonifacio Pinol and Aming Demigillo Jr. organized their 3rd Annual Football Tournament in December 2010. As anticipated, the tournament started and concluded successfully. It was well-disposed by the community especially the grassroots who unleashed their skills. Without a doubt, Barotac Nuevo is and will remain as the football capital of the Philippines knowing that it is still packed with promising football aficionados.

   This 2011, the Stallion Football Club is celebrating their 10th year anniversary. It has been a decade of its members’ collaborated expertise and resources and the success of each and every event they instigated has been its testament. It is this fact that makes them notable, as they remain one of the few clubs who are helping out in moulding competitive football athletes with opportunities to compete, learn, and grow through Stallion's developmental programs.

"We are the Stallions galloping through the wind, living by a code that’s true…make way we are coming through!"
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StallionFC Philippines 2018
"We are the Stallions galloping through the wind, living by a code that’s true…make way we are coming through!"
StallionFC Philippines 2018
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