Why Stallion Laguna FC would be successful in Biñan!
January 23, 2017


By Lerche Njang



In one of my articles, I wrote that for a particular sport to be popular in any society, government of the place must support, culture must promote, football organizations must play a prominent role, and money must be invested in it.


The Laguna club is about to accomplish these. 


With the launching of the fist Mayors cup in Biñan, it is obvious that Stallion has gotten the support of the government and the people in their home for the coming PFL.

As a football lover, a coach, a football scout and a writer, I like to witness football events and activities and I’m happy that I did witness the opening ceremony of the first Mayors cup in Biñan.


While in this venue, there were many things that impressed me. The sound of the national anthem made you to feel special and professional before the event, I witnessed people from the office of the Mayor going around helping participants with whatever they could and giving food to those that were interested. The relationship and collaboration they had with Stallion was something to reckon with. The strong support from the Philippines Football Federation through representatives with Atty Ed Gastanes handling PFF balls donation to the Biñan City Administrator Romulo H. Reyes showed that Stallion is doing something serious for the coming PFL in Laguna.

But how would the culture in Biñan promote football and Stallion FC?


I know from experience that with academy program where many children can play football and a possible structure in place where young players could progress to the senior team should they have the qualities needed to do so, Stallion would definitely bring a culture where every child in Laguna would wants to play football with the club and identify themselves with their local team in the PFL and in every other competitions.


Stallion FC academy was certainly not in my top 8 Football Academies in Manila. However, to my surprise, I saw a good number of young players ranging from age 4 to 17 in Stallion jerseys participating in different age groups in the competition. Thanks to PFL rules on youth development program for every team that will taking part in the coming league.


Investment of money was clear and evident with the work currently going on to complete the building of the stadium before the commencement of the PFL league in March.


When the stage is finally set in Biñan, I believe every young player would aspire to play and compete in such a beautiful environment. It would also be a difficult place for every team to go and pick up points in PFL should Stallion produce a strong team and continue in building their name in Laguna and around Manila through their academy project and interesting fan base program. 


The Owner and Head coach of Stallion Laguna FC Ernest Nierras in his thank you message on Facebook believe the Mayors cup is the beginning of Stallions project.  


“To Mayor Arman Dimaguilla of Biñan, Tom Manabat and all City officials who helped in making the 1st Mayor Arman Dimaguila Football Cup a success, we would like to thank you. To our sponsors, Stallion players and management, and to all our coaches, this is a great start to our program.”


Photos are credited to Jojo Lirio Jr. 


Source: http://parrotph.wixsite.com/parrotpost/single-post/2017/01/23/Why-Stallion-Laguna-FC-would-be-successful-in-Bi%C3%B1an

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"We are the Stallions galloping through the wind, living by a code that’s true…make way we are coming through!"
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"We are the Stallions galloping through the wind, living by a code that’s true…make way we are coming through!"
StallionFC Philippines 2018
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